Technology Solutions for Florida’s Residential, Commercial & Government Properties

Access Control, Security Cameras, Surveillance, and more.

Residential Solutions

Your home is the most important place for security and communications. TechTronix can upgrade your residential property to include today’s most advanced audio, surveillance, controlled access, and communications technology, so you can confidently protect the people and property in your care.

Commercial Solutions

Without security, your business can’t protect its investments, which means you’re vulnerable to losing much of what you’ve worked for. Protect your digital and physical work facilities with emergency response, access control, instant two-way communications, and surveillance systems inside and out.

Public Safety Solutions

In public safety, your job is to protect the general public from crime, disaster, and other potential dangers in your community or region. Give yourself and your team the tools to better serve the people who are relying on you with custom public safety technology solutions by TechTronix.



Electronic Access Control

Personalize physical and virtual access to your facilities, departments, and digital spaces with electronic access control (EAC) technology. Depending on your level of risk, your EAC system can range from magnetic keycard systems to today’s most advanced biometric identity verification software.

Security Cameras & Surveillance

Protect your home and business from losses with a customized, state-of-the-art surveillance system. Our qualified and certified techs can get you set up quickly with reliable security, from simple camera setups to elaborate equipment installations.

Emergency Alert Systems

You need to get information and instructions to your teams and other critical audiences immediately in an emergency. An emergency alert system (EAS) from TechTronix will allow you to alert employees and members of the public of the situation and communicate key details in real-time.

Two-Way Radio Rental

TechTronix Pro provides two-way radio rentals for events of any size at a reasonable daily or weekly rate. Choose from various user-friendly models and accessories like headsets and chargers to create the ideal communication system.

Theatre & Media Room Acoustics

Create an immersive viewing and listening experience with in-wall speakers and custom TV display mounting from TechTronix Pro. Our audiovisual (AV) professionals have the knowledge and expertise to design and install your perfect entertainment vision in any space.

Public Address Systems

A public address system (PAS or PA system AKA sound reinforcement system) is a specific type of sound system made up of microphones, amps, speakers, and other equipment that project real-time and recorded audio to your indoor and outdoor audiences.

About Us

For more than 11 years, TechTronix Pro, Inc. has delivered exceptional service and reliable telecommunications equipment to residents, business owners, and public safety organizations all over Florida. From simple repairs and two-way rentals to complex and permanent system deployments, TechTronix Pro is your wireless and surveillance solution.

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